Women indicate what sources they go to for news and information, and how frequently they rely on them.

This is the second in a series documenting our efforts to map the information needs of Oakland’s Latino immigrants. Click here for the first post on the climate of fear, misinformation and mistrust in media that we found in initial conversations with community leaders.

At first glance, Oakland may be…

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No one word better summarizes what El Tímpano heard from the hundreds of immigrants who contributed to our information ecosystem assessment four years ago.

In community meetings, surveys, and conversations, Oakland’s Spanish-speaking residents repeatedly brought up their desires to get involved, take action, raise their concerns to elected officials…

In the past decade, misinformation has emerged as a leading threat to democracy and public health. And the news industry has invested in countering this ill. We have created fact-checking sites, verification organizations, and disinformation beats, and strengthened our skills in identifying misinformation.

But for Latino immigrants and many other…

A peek at how we organized our research into overcrowding’s impact on health using a virtual whiteboard with plenty of digital post-its.

By Sonya Lustig

Three months ago, El Tímpano began investigating the prevalence of overcrowded housing in Oakland’s Latino and Mayan immigrant communities and how those housing conditions affect the health of residents, throughout and beyond the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We knew from the start that this project demanded an unconventional…

Photo by Garrick Wong from a 2018 Journalism+Design workshop on the Bay Area’s housing crisis.

When Orlando Ruiz’s brother brought COVID-19 home from his janitorial job in May, self-isolation was out of the question. He lives in a house in East Oakland with his parents, brothers, and their families. …

In mid-summer, El Tímpano received a gut-punch of a message from an audience member. In a text in Spanish, she told us, essentially, “you always write the same — call such and such number. But they don’t pick up… Pure lies.”

In her typed words was the exasperation El Tímpano…

The waiting room at a resource clinic in East Oakland — one of the spaces where El Tímpano has conducted outreach with partners during the shelter-in-place order. (Photo by Henry Sales)

No puede uno trabajar. Lo están descansando y los biles y renta no esperan, pero si es por el bien de uno pues ni modo.

You can’t work. They are furloughing people and the bills and rent are due, but if it’s for your own good, what can you do?

Madeleine Bair

Journalist & civic media innovator. Oakland native. Cumbiambera.

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