So fun & inspiring — when not awfully depressing — to follow this conversation between the two of you. One perspective that could be a part of this needed shift in newsroom culture is thinking of the newsroom as a community group. Dare I say an grassroots advocacy organization?

What do I mean by that? Community organizations are built on the strength of their members, and the strength of their engagement with their members. They gather their community (whether geographically-based or oriented around a shared demographic or interest), listen to their needs, and respond based on those needs. I don’t want to scare journalists off with the “A” word, but as strategies of community engagement within journalism develop, it would be helpful to learn from the strategies of advocacy organizations, for whom listening to, developing trust among, and collaborating with their communities has been a necessary part of their work for a long time.

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Journalist & civic media innovator. Oakland native. News junkie. Cumbiambera.

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